Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cute Overload Peddles Pain and Heartache

I have visited Cute Overload, the epicenter of cuteness on the Internet, every day for the past few years. Cuteporter Extraordinaire Meg Frost posts anerable pictures of animals, from shy puppehs and snorgling kittehs to knobby-kneed deers and behbeh Beluga whales -- and her captions are priceless.

A few days ago, however, I noticed that she had started running advertisements for Hartz flea and tick products, which are well documented to have injured and killed countless dogs and cats.

Is there anything cute about that? Nyerhe. I'm afraid not.

Believing that Meg simply must not have been aware of the dangers of Hartz products, I wrote to her and let her know. I urged her to pull the ads. So far, I have not heard back. Others who have written to her expressing their opposition to the Hartz ads tell me that they have not heard back either.

Wanting to warn as many Cute Overload visitors as possible of the danger of using deadly Hartz flea and tick products on their pets, I posted informative comments on several of the entries. Today, those comments not-so-mysteriously disappeared. And on top of that, I've apparently been banned from posting.

No one should profit from a product that is known to be harmful to the animals we love and adore. Sadly, we expect this from evil corporations like Hartz -- but Cute Overload? Are you kidding me?

Please email Meg at cuteoverload@frostdesign.net and meg@cutelabs.com and urge her to do the right thing. Please post comments on the entries. Please tell your friends.

Read a few of Hartz victims' stories here.